Advertisers Dashboard

Using Dashboard

Welcome to our advertising portal!

How to navigate the new user interface:

Let’s get started by understanding how to navigate within the user interface. Once you login, you will land at the “Dashboard” page.

Dashboard provides the advertisers with a detailed overview about the Campaigns. The Dashboard describes the following section:

  • Campaigns Overview

      Campaigns Overview displays the Estimated SpendCredit Balance, and the revenue earned by the advertisers for TodayYesterdayThis month and Last Month. For new advertisers, the data is empty and only for the existing advertisers the details are displayed.


Campaigns Overview shows the statistics with the help of the drop-down list box. The drop-down list box displays the statistics for TodayYesterdayLast 7 daysCurrent Month, and Last Month .

Following  table describes the Campaign statistics details:

Parameters Description


Displays the Today’s details.


Displays the Yesterday’s details.

Last 7 Days

Displays the Last seven days details.

Current Month

Displays the current month details.

Last Month

Displays the last month details.


Allows to customize the details as per your requirements.