S2S Ad request API

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S2S Ad request API

*Ad serving* 

1. Mobile Ad Delivery

 This application provides an interface for the publisher as well as mediator network to communicate with our ad delivery server to serve an ad.

The ad can be requested by calling a specific Uniform Resource Locator (URL) with a query string of certain parameters. The ad server will respond through JavaScript by default. It also supports other formats that are described as follows:

GET: http://mobile.vrtzads.com/vzssmob

Request Parameters

The mobile ad call accepts the parameters in the base URL as a query string as described in the following table:

Parameters Is Required Description
id Yes

Represents the publication ID

associated with the ads unit.

ip Yes Represent the IP address.
appid No (but strongly recommended)

Represents the unique ID

to identify mobile app running

on Android or iOS device.

ua Yes

Represents the user agent string

associated with the device

requesting an ad. If user agent value

is specified then that value will

be used rather than the standard

user agent sent through HTTP header.

This value should be URL encoded.

aaid Yes in case of iOS

Represents the Apple advertising

identifier running on iOS device 6+.

gaid No

Represents the Google advertising


 aid No Represents the unique Android ID.
format No

Represents the default JavaScript

format. Following are the

supported formats:

0 JavaScript
carrier No

Represents the name of the

mobile carrier. This parameter

is optional because our system

can usually deduce the carrier

from the device’s IP address.

connection No

Represents the type of network

used by the device.

Allowed values are “wifi” and “wan”.

devmake No

Represents the manufacturer

of the device requesting an ad.

devmodel No Represents the device model used.
os No Represents the Operating System used.
devtz No Represents the device time zone used.
loc No

Represents the user location expressed

in longitude and latitude and up to

13 decimal places of precision are

allowed. The format used is:


mcc No

Represents the mobile country

code as specified by the

International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

mnc No

Represents the mobile network

code as specified by the ITU.

bidfloor No Represents the minimum bid value.
pcode No

Represents the postal code

of the user requesting an ad.