Media Planning Management


This Document explains how can Media Planning Management feature be used to cherry pick mostly relevant sites for your product/ services marketed.

The Media Planning Management is especially helpful to target the desired sites by observing the records, in terms of Impression Opportunities along with various other targeting parameters as well.

For example, you can easily discern how much of inventory  you are getting from a particular Country and Exchange/SSP.

Media Planning displays the following details for you as an Advertiser:

Parameter Description
Total Website/App  Displays the total number of the Websites/Apps
Total Impressions  Displays the total impressions recorded
Total Exchanges  Displays the total number of exchanges
Total Countries  Displays the total number of countries
Average Bid  Displays the Average Bid for the inventory


A list of Recommended Sites is displayed, from which you can choose the desired sites.

1. To search for a Site, type its name in the field provided and click on GO.

2. To reset the search field, click on Reset.

3. Click on Show Filter, to get various options to refine.

4. Select the desired Country, Exchange or Creative size from the respective drop-down menus available.

5. Select the type of Platform from the Platform drop-down menu, whether it is:

  • Display
  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile App
  • VAST

6. From the OS drop-down menu, select the OS, for example: Android, iPhone, Windows etc.

7. From the Categories drop-down menu, select the most relevant category, for example: it can be Arts and Entertainment, Automotive, Business etc.

8. To apply all the selections made, click on Apply.

9. To reset all the selections made, click on Reset.

10. To export this information as a file, click on Export.

11. To save this information to a list, select the check boxes of the Website/App name you wish to save, as highlighted in the figure below, and then click on Save to List.

The following figure will be displayed when Save to List is clicked on:

14. In case,

  • The list is new, select Create New List and enter the name of the list to be saved in the field provided.
  • If however, the list is an already existing one, select Save to existing List.

15. After having made the necessary selections, click on Save.

16. To cancel the selections made, click on Cancel.