IP List

IP List

Ip List- It provides the option of sorting on the basis of location to the advertiser. The Ip list provides the details of all the Ip’s engaged, it displays the ID, Name, Type, Length, Description, Client, Offers and Action.

To search the IP ID and IP name, enter the ID and Name in the search text box and then click GO.

  • The Advertiser can create new IP List through the following steps:

 1. Click Lists. The list tab will display the different types of lists.

2. To add a new Ip list, click on New IP List under the IP list tab and the window as shown in the following figure will pop up:

                                                        listy 4

            Parameters                                              Description


Refers to the name of the IP


Whether the IP address is to be black listed or white listed


Refers to the description of the IP address

IP addresses

Lets the user choose file to be uploaded