Geo Edge Implementation for DSP

Objective: Vertoz has partnered up with GeoEdge to ensure that the Ads that are served are free from malware, inappropriate content or any performance issues. The main objective of the GeoEdge is to ensure Brand Safety for the Publishers and the Supply Partners.

How GeoEdge helps us?

GeoEdge is the premier provider of ad verification and transparency solutions for the online and mobile advertising ecosystem. The company ensures high ad quality and verifies that sites and apps offer a clean, safe, and engaging user experience.

GeoEdge guards against non-compliance, malware, inappropriate content, data leakage, operational, and performance issues.‎ Leading publishers, ad platforms, exchanges, and networks rely on GeoEdge’s automated ad verification solutions to ‎monitor and protect their ad inventory.

Hence the Purpose of implementing Violations as a feature with Vertoz for the DSPs is to ensure that each time a Violation occurs (violation here refers to any type of non compliance with the required criteria of an Ad being spam free and fradulent free) alerts will be received by Vertoz.

Once Vertoz gets alerted about the Violation that occured, it displays the particular creative in which the Violation has occured, hence allowing that particular Creative to be blocked.

Note: Once a creative has been blocked, the bids made by it shall not be considered and will be nullified, up until it gets unblocked again.

The following steps can be implemented to access Violations that provides the above said Geo Edge feature:

  1. Click on Violations and the above figure will be displayed.
  2. As highlighted above, enter the Campaign Name in the field provided and click on GO.
  3. Click on Show Filter, for a more refined result.
  4. In the Campaign field provided enter the name of the Campaign.
  5.  From the Creative drop down menu, select the particular creative required.
  6. From the Period drop down menu, which can be one of the following:
  • All
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Current Month
  • Last Month

7. To apply all the selection made, click on Apply.

8. To reset the selections made, click on Reset.

The information that is displayed in Violations are as following:

  • Date displays the date in which the violation occured.
  • Campaign ID displays the ID of the Campaign.
  • Creative ID displays the Creative ID.
  • Advertiser displays the name of the Advertiser.
  • Project Name displays the name of the Project.
  • Alert Type displays the type of alert raised.
  • Demo URL displays the Demo URL.