DSP Integration

DSP Integration

Integration Checkpoints

1. Send us the DSP Endpoint url

   Our Servers are located in North Virginia and Singapore. The DSP endpoints should reside in these or nearby regions    for reducing network latency. The DSP should mail us their endpoint details at bizdev@vertoz.com

  Please send the DSP endpoint url by email. Example of DSP endpoint url: http://xyz.abc.com/?rtb=1234

 You may send different urls for test and production purposes.

2. Latency Requirements

   Vertoz Ad exchange gives demand sources 200ms (roundtrip time on bid request) to respond to bid requests.

3. Send us your Reporting API

Vertoz would need DSP Reporting API for reconciliation of auction wins, impression and revenue numbers. Vertoz would also create an account for the DSP user on our platform to check the relevant metrics recorded by us.

4. RTB Specification

   Vertoz supports OpenRTB 2.3.1 specifications. Bid requests would be sent in the v2.3.1 formats. We would prefer that    the win-notification url (nurl) parameter is sent separately in the bid response and not in the ad markup (adm).

5. Discrepancy Research

  Once the integration of the DSP endpoint is completed, and the traffic produces data, we will monitor and reconcile key    metrics and check for discrepancies if any.

6. Bid Request-Response Samples

    Please refer OpenRTB 2.3.1 document as a reference for implementation.