The agency user can view the creative details. The Creatives contains the following sections:

  • Creative Management
    Creative management displays a detailed list of creatives as shown in the following figure:


The list of creatives displays the Creative Id, Name, Account Manager, Associated Campaigns, Channel Type, Creative Type, Status, and Action.
1. To search the creative by entering the Creative Name in the Search text box and then click Go.
2. To filter the records, click Show Filter. Following figure displays the filter records:

The agency user can filter the records by Advertiser, Approval Status, and Creative Type.
1. To add creatives, click +New Creative.


2. Enter the Creative Name. This is a mandatory field. The advertiser has to enter the Characters, digits and special characters like @,#,/,.,&,+,-,_.
3. Select the Media Channel from the drop-down list box. This is a mandatory field.
4. Select the Creative Type radio buttons, there are two creative types Image and JavaScript. This is a mandatory field.
5. Select the Ad Format from the drop-down list box. This is a mandatory field.
6. Select the Ad Dimension from the drop-down list box. This is a mandatory field.
7. To upload the image, click Browse. After selecting the image file, the Image URL will be added.
8. Enter the Landing page URL. This is a mandatory field.
9. Enter the TLD. This is a mandatory field.
Note: Top level domain of the advertised company and not the domain of your company who is doing the advertising.
10. To submit the creative, click Submit. The newly added creative will be displayed in the Creatives list.