Campaign Transactions

Campaign Transactions

1. To access campaign transactions, click Accounting.
2. Click Campaign Transactions. Following figure displays the list of campaign transactions:

Campaign Transactions

Campaign Transaction displays the Credit Remaining and Last Payment.

The campaign transaction list displays the Period, Transaction ID, DescriptionDebit($), Credit($), and Balance($).

Following table describes the columns and their description:

Fields      Description
Period Displays the campaign date.
Transaction ID Displays the transaction ID of the campaign.
Transaction Type Displays the transaction type of the campaign.
Description Displays the description of the campaign activity.
Debit($) Displays the debit amount of the campaign.
Credit($) Displays the credit amount of the campaign.
Balance($) Displays the balance amount of the campaign.

3. To filter the campaign transaction details, click Show Filter. The following figure is displayed:


4. Select the period from the Period drop-down list box and then click Apply. The Period contains Today, Yesterday, Last 7 day, Current Month, Last Month, and Custom as shown in the following figure: