Campaign Reports

Campaign Reports

Advertisers can access the campaign reports by performing the following steps:

1. Click Reports.

2. Click Campaign Report. A detailed report on the campaigns is displayed as shown in the following figure:


The Campaign Reports display the Action, Date, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPM($), and Ad Spend.

3. To filter the campaign report, click Show Filter and the window as shown in the following figure will be displayed:

campaign report1

4.  Select the period, from drop-down list box . The Period contains Today, Yesterday, Last 7 day, Current Month, Last Month, and Custom as shown in the following figure:

campaign report monthly

5. Select the media type from the Media Type drop-down list box.

6. Select the campaign from the Campaign drop-down list box.

7. Select the supply partner from the Supply Partner drop-down list box. The Supply Partner refers to the Supply Partner for that particular campaign.