Campaign Actions

Performing Campaign Actions

To perform actions in campaign management use the following steps:

1. Click Campaign Management. The campaign list displays the StatusCampaign Id,  DateCampaign Name, Creative Count, Media Channel, Total Budget, CPM($), Daily Budget($), Remaining Budget($), Approval Status, and Action. The list of Campaigns is displayed.


Following table describes the List of Campaigns parameters:

Parameters Description


Represents the campaign status. There are two status: Run and Pause.

Campaign Id

Represents the unique campaign Id of the campaign.


Represents the campaign creation date and time.

Campaign Name

Represents the name of the campaign.

Creative Count

Represents the count of creatives for the campaign.
Media Channel Represents the media channel for the campaign. There are three media channels: Display, Mobile Web and Mobile App.
Total Budget Represents the total budget of the campaign.
CPM Represents the CPM value of the campaign.
Daily Budget Represents the daily budget of the campaign.
Remaining Budget Represents the remaining budget of the campaign.
Approval Status Represents the approval status of the campaigns. There are five approval status: Approved, Hold, pending, Rejected and Under review.
Action Performs the action on the campaign. There are seven types of actions such as Edit, View, Duplicate, Pause, Run, Delete and Stats.

2. To filter the campaign list, click Show Filter as displayed in the following figure:

ListCampaigns_ShowFilter If the advertiser wants to filter the records by period, status and media channel then select the Period, Approval Status and Media Channel drop-down list boxes respectively.