Following steps are used to access the advertiser details for agency role:
1. Click Advertisers. Advertisers provides the agency users with a detailed overview about the List of Advertisers. Following figure displays the list of advertisers:


The List of Advertisers displays the Date, Full Name, Email ID, Country, Status, Campaign, and Action.
2. To filter the records, click Show Filter as shown in the following figure:


The agency users can search the advertiser Name and Email ID.
3. Select the Status from the drop-down list box and then click GO.
4. To reset the details, click Reset.
5. To add new advertisers, click Add New +. Following figure displays the Create New Advertiser page:


6. In the Advertiser Information, enter the First Name.
7. Enter the Last Name.
8. Select the Account Status from the drop-down list box. There are two account status: Active and InActive.
9. In the Login Information, enter the Email Address.
10. Enter the Password. All fields are mandatory.
11. To submit the advertiser details, click Submit. The Advertiser has been added successfully message is displayed.
12. To reset the advertiser details, click Reset.