Adding Creatives

How to add a Creative


This document will explain the entire process of “How to add a creative”

Adding Creatives

After logging in to your Vertoz account, there is a button labeled +Add Creatives in the Creatives Management section.


Types of creatives:

  • Image: Image creatives represent the creatives in an image format.
  • Javascript: Javascript creatives represent the creatives in an javascript format.
  • Rich Media: Rich media creatives represent the creatives in an rich media format.
  • Native: Nativecreatives represent the creatives in native format.

Image Creative

Following table lists the parameters with their description:

Parameters Mandatory Description



Represents the group of the creative.



Represents the status of the creative.

Creative Type


Represents the creative type.

Creative Name


Represents the creative name.

Media Channel


· Display: Represents the media channel as Desktop Campaign

· Mobile Web: Represents the media channel as Mobile web campaign

· Mobile App: Represents the media channel as Mobile app campaign

Ad Format


Represents the ad format.

Ad Dimension


Represents the ad dimension.

Ad Category


Represents the ad category.

Image URL


Represents the image URL.

Creative Attributes


Represents the creative attributes.