Adding Ad Units

Adding New Ad Unit

1. To add a new ad unit, on the right side of the page, click Add New Ad Unit.


Following table describes the list of ad units:

Parameters Description

Media Type

Represents the media type of the ad unit. There are four types of media type: Website, Mobile Web, Mobile App and VAST.


Represents the unique Id of the ad unit.


Represents the date and time of the ad unit.

Tag Name

Represents the tag name of the ad unit.

Publication Id

Represents the publication Id of the ad unit.

Ad Type

Represents the type of ad of the ad unit.

Site Name

Represents the site name of the ad unit.

Account Manager

Represents the account manager of the publisher.


Represents the size of the ad unit.


Represents the status of the ad unit. There are five types of status: Approved, Hold, Rejected, Suspended and Under Review.


Performs the action on the ad unit. There are three types of actions: Edit, Tags and Stats.

It will display the Add New Ad Unit page. The mandatory fields are Select Site & AppType and Ad Space.